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Resources for Local Government

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Resources for Local Government

Tracking and understanding all of the state and federal environmental regulations affecting local governments can be a daunting task. This web page was created to serve as a repository of links to information about the regulatory programs that apply to local government operations. The outreach materials featured on this page are useful to storm water operators, county drain commission staff, municipal planners and engineers, county health officials, community emergency response personnel, public works directors, road maintenance staff, and building code officials.

Local Leaders Webinar Series Banner

EGLE has developed the Local Leaders Webinar Series to help Michigan's local officials and community leaders gain a better understanding of EGLE and the environmental regulations that affect their communities. Each month, EGLE will host a 1-hour webinar that will tackle a topic of interest to local officials and community leaders throughout the state.

EGLE Program Specialists

Air Quality Programs
Jenifer Dixon - 616-581-0044

Drinking Water and Environmental Health Programs
Anita Singh - 517-281-2615

Materials Management Division Programs
Christine Grossman - 517-285-5637

Oil, Gas, and Minerals Programs
Richard Olivarez - 517-599-8497

Remediation and Redevelopment Programs
Michael Gurnee - 517-285-8148

Water Resource Programs
Ryan Blazic - 517-732-1187

EGLE's Environmental Assistance Center - 800-662-9278

Environmental Emergencies
Pollution Emergency Alert System (PEAS): 800-292-4706