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Lead Interpreting Physician/Mammography Supervisor/Medical Director

Rules which referred to the responsibilities of the "mammography supervisor" were rescinded on April 18, 2013. At that time, the mammography supervisor position and the medical director for the delivery of mammography services were replaced with the "lead interpreting physician" whose responsibilities are described in the MQSA regulations. The semi-annual operator evaluations and the onsite visits by the medical director were also eliminated at that time.

The lead interpreting physician is assigned the general responsibility for the facility's quality assurance program. This individual is responsible for assuring compliance with the quality controls tests required to be done by the quality control technologist and the medical physicist, including the infection control program. The lead interpreting physician is responsible for performing the medical outcome audit. Each mammography facility must designate the lead interpreting physician on the application for mammography authorization.

June 3, 2016