Lessons Learned

Pilot Questions

Rural Testimonial

“Much of our early work was spent learning about each partner agency and what they could bring to the table. There was significant lack of understanding about the role and capacity of CMH and about the interface of services between partner agencies.”

“Community Mental Health was open to working together, making access easier for families, improving lines of communication. They signed a collaborative agreement, accepted our universal release form, added a communication link for disposition of referrals, participated in teacher training, and worked to bring together liaisons from school and CMH staff."

What Would You Change?
“We failed to involve local private mental health care providers to Head Start. Other sites might want to involve them in their process.”


Urban Testimonial

“I think the partnership between the district and host agency became broader. There was more a feeling of we are in this together versus the feeling that MCHC (host) was just in the district running their own programs.”

What Would You Change?
“Be clear about the type of support you need up front. Do you need political capital, material resources, staff time, etc.? I could have been more strategic in recruiting for the local committee.”


Suburban Testimonial

“We not only have the development of a relationship between the school district and CMH, but a collaborative agreement is in place to assist our support staff in accessing services more efficiently. The referral procedures we developed are being considered for other purposes such as reducing the number of long-term suspensions.”

“The referral procedures and collaborative agreement have assisted our support staff in having a uniform process that was not available before. The collaborative agreement also provides opportunities for problem solving should the process for accessing public mental health services break down in any way.”

Flow Chart- Assessing the Community

For additional samples of flow charts, collaborative agreements or referral forms please contact Lauren Kazee at kazeel@michigan.gov