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The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS), and the School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan (SCHAMI) received The Integration of Schools and Mental Health Systems grant.  The underlying grant themes for this U.S. Department of Education grant were:

  • Ensure responsiveness to diversity at all levels of the grant
  • Recognize the value and unique perspective that parents/caregivers provide
  • Recognize that schools are under tremendous pressure and strategies or recommendations developed by the local or state planning process need to reflect capacity within the school environment

This grant allowed the Michigan Departments of Education, Community Health and Human Services to partner and strategically develop stakeholder committees to provide perspective and expertise during the grant process.  These committees were convened in two capacities, locally and statewide.  Three local school districts were selected to assemble a district-level steering committee to assess their current strengths and gaps as they relate to identifying, referring, and treating school-aged youth in need of mental health services.  Each district developed a community-specific plan of action that identifies tangible short and long term objectives aimed at improving how children in need of mental health services are identified, treated, and/or referred for services. 

The project set forth with the following goals:

  • A development of a model policy on student mental health service integration
  • Increase linkages that build capacity around mental health services for students through the work of three pilot sites within local school systems
  • Increase awareness of mental health needs and referrals through the delivery of technical assistance, professional development, and trainings for teachers, school personnel, parents, caregivers, youth, and mental health providers through school-based health centers
  • Develop state and national linkages around mental health services and policy development

Secondly, a Statewide Steering Committee (SSC) was established to develop a set of recommendations to improve how schools address the mental health needs of students.  Their objectives included:

  • Development of a plan detailing the work of the SSC with recommendations for increasing capacity around student mental health
  • Development of an interagency agreement between MDE and MDHHS for improving children’s access to mental health services and programs in schools
  • Development of a Statewide Model Policy on student mental health that will be endorsed by the SSC and approved by the State Board of Education

Through the continuous learning and evaluation process, this project has assisted schools in addressing non-academic problems that interfere with successful learning.


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