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Public School Accounting

This office coordinates the development of the Michigan School Accounting Manual which provides public schools with a consistent method for recording financial accounting transactions. The office is also responsible for processing financial data from public schools for use in various financial publications and state/federal reports.

Accounting Resources

Michigan School Accounting Manual

Federal Financial Accounting for Local and State School Systems

Competitive Bid Threshold Letter - This letter shows the base amount of competitive bids for construction and procurement of supplies. It also includes the base amount above which ISD travel expenses must be posted on their website and caps on ISD gift and award amounts. The Department publishes this letter in September, following the release of the August Consumer Price Index by the US Bureau of Labor.

Statewide Prohibition Against Iran-Linked Businesses

Accounting for State School Aid Revenues

ESSA School-Level Financial Reporting

MPSERS Section 147c Information & Guidance

Accounting Guidance for Public Act 75 3% MPSERS Refunds

Accounting Guidance for Section 147c(2) MPSERS One Time Deposit

NEW: Financial Accounting Guidance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

GASB Statement #96 Account Code Changes and Additions


Questions related to financial accounting and reporting may be directed to:

Christopher May, Financial Specialist
Office of State Aid & School Finance