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Supporting Continuing Certification

It is every educator’s responsibility to understand how to maintain their teaching certificate. Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs) can continue to support their candidates beyond certification and into their careers by talking with them about the basic renewal and progression processes for as outlined in Administrative Rules.

All educators must complete 150 hours of Education-Related Professional Learning before they may renew their certificate. If an educator wishes to progress their certificate to a more advanced certificate, additional requirements may be vary depending on the certificate held or progressing to.

certificate progression

Michigan recognizes educator experience, professional growth, and leadership to the progression through tiered licensure. Michigan has three levels of classroom teaching certificates: Standard, Professional, and Advanced Professional. Information on renewing a Standard Teaching Certificate, progressing to a Professional Teaching Certificate, renewing a Professional Teaching Certificate, and progressing to an Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate is available on the Office of Educator Excellence (OEE) website.

Professional Growth: Education-Related Professional Learning

Educators need 150 Education-Related Professional Learning hours for renewal or progression of Michigan Department of Education (MDE) issued certificates. One semester hour of college credit is equivalent to 25 Education-Related Professional Learning hours. Provided the Education-Related Professional Learning hours requirement is met, the Standard Teaching Certificate is renewable indefinitely every five years. Progression to the Professional Teaching Certificate requires three college credits in reading diagnostics and remediation coursework. Progression to the Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate requires completion of a Teacher Leader program or National Board certification.

While college credits may be the most familiar option known to EPPs for recertification, State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) are also an option and, in the case of school counselors are required. SCECHs are earned by attending professional development activities provided by SCECH sponsors and approved by MDE. EPPs may be SCECH Sponsors to provide this option for professional learning. Any course offered by EPPs that covers what school counselors need to know for college and career selection or readiness, including military options, must be registered as SCECHs. School counselors cannot use the credits for recertification if they are not SCECHs.

Schools are required by law to provide 5 days of professional development to their teachers annually and 15 days to teachers in their first 3 years of teaching. These days/hours must be registered as SCECHs to be eligible for use in recertification.

Collaborating, pairing, and initiating conversations around the professional development needs of EPPs’ partner schools can be extremely beneficial to educators as they move through their careers.

Adding Endorsements

Many misconceptions exist around what is required to add an endorsement to a Michigan teaching certificate. Expanding on what a currently employed teachers can teach and supporting them through the process is a viable way for schools to support retention of teachers. EPPs can play a key role in dispelling these myths and providing coordination and guidance to both their educator alumni and partner school districts. MDE provides guidance on Adding an Endorsement that can supplement EPP marketing strategies.

Stay Connected

Educators, both new candidates and alumni, should be encouraged to stay connected with the profession through MDE resources.

Updates to mailing and email addresses in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) enable MDE to provide specialized communications to specific credential holders.

Broadly share these social media options as well as MDE customer support team information:

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