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Reporting Educator Effectiveness Data for Non-Public Schools in the NPSPR

Beginning in Fall 2017, annual year-end educator evaluation labels for teachers in non-public schools that opted into the requirements of Michigan’s educator evaluation law were able to be collected within the Non-public School Personnel Report (NPSPR). Entering ratings for non-public schools is optional and is a decision to be made by each school.

What Can Be Entered

Educator Effectiveness Ratings for the past three years for teachers in an instructional position. This new field in the NPSPR is optional for all employees.

Why Enter Ratings

Two sections of PA 173 of 2015, MCL 380.1531j and MCL 380.1531k, require the use of educator effectiveness ratings for Michigan certified teachers (see definition below) to progress from the Standard Teaching Certificate to the optional Professional Teaching Certificate, as well as from the Professional to the optional Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate. (Ratings are not required to renew the Standard Teaching Certificate or the Professional Teaching Certificate. Learn more about teacher recertification requirements.

Who Needs Ratings

MCL 380.1249(8) defines teacher for the sake of evaluations as “an individual who has a valid Michigan teaching certificate or authorization; who is employed, or contracted for, by a school district, intermediate school district, or public school academy; and who is assigned by the school district, intermediate school district, or public school academy to deliver direct instruction to pupils in any of grades K to 12 as a teacher of record.”

Who Can Enter the Ratings

Authorized users of the NPSPR can enter the evaluation label within the NPSPR application. Please contact CEPI (Center for Educational Performance and Information) customer support to verify the authorized user for your non-public school. If you do not have an authorized user for your non-public school, you can request access by visiting the non-public schools page on the CEPI website.

How to Enter the Ratings

Within the NPSPR, below “Employee Data,” there is a new option, titled “Measurement Data.” This is the location for Field 12: Educator Effectiveness. In this field, you will first need to check the box labeled “Employee held an instructional position during the 2017-2018 school year” if applicable to the role of the employee. Then, using the drop-down menu, choose the accurate effectiveness rating for that teacher according to your evaluation data from the following options: 01-Highly Effective, 02-Effective, 08-Minimally Effective, or 03-Ineffective.

Submitting Data

Once data is entered; you must click the “Submit NPSPR Data for this Employee” button. The data will then be error-checked and either saved as a valid record or reported with an error message(s).

When to Enter Ratings

The NPSPR opens on the first business day of September each year. All entries must be submitted by the first business day of December each year.

Updating Inaccurate Ratings

During the NPSPR fall collection, non-public schools now can enter ratings for the past three years of evaluation data, and also be able to update any inaccurate ratings from past submissions. Guidance on this procedure is available from (CEPI).

Opting into the Requirements of the Educator Evaluation Law

By submitting Educator Effectiveness Ratings into the NPSPR, you are accepting the responsibility to comply with Michigan’s Educator Evaluation Law, Public Act 13 of 2015.

Evaluation Tools

The five State-Approved Evaluation Tools for teachers (Charlotte Danielson, Thoughtful Classroom, Marzano, Marzano focused and 5D), are not required to be used in order to meet compliance with the educator evaluation law. Schools may use any evaluation tool of their choosing if it follows the criteria set forth in MCL 380.1249.

Education Evaluation Legislation by Section

The following sections of PA 173 of 2015 can be accessed by clicking the Legislation button on the MDE Educator Evaluation webpage.

  • Section 380.1249: Establishes the requirements for teacher evaluations in the State of Michigan
  • Section 380.1249a: Establishes assignment of pupil to teacher rated as ineffective and notification
  • Section 380.1249b: Establishes the requirements for administrator evaluations in the State of Michigan
  • Section 380.1531j: Establishes the requirements of issuance of the initial professional teaching certificate
  • Section 380.1531k: Establishes requirements of issuance of initial or renewed advanced professional education certificate


For more information about educator effectiveness ratings, please email

For more specific information about the Non-public Schools Personnel Report (NPSPR), please contact CEPI at or by phone at 517-335-0505 x3. Guidance documents and field descriptions for entering data in the NPSPR can be found on the CEPI Nonpublic Schools webpage.