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State Superintendent Supports Passage of Statewide Ballot Proposal in May

January 23, 2015

LANSING – State Superintendent Mike Flanagan today told hundreds of local school superintendents that he is supporting the statewide ballot initiative that will raise funds to improve Michigan’s roads and bridges, and schools.

“I am actively promoting its passage,” Flanagan said during his keynote address at the Midwinter Conference of the Michigan Association of School Administrators. “I hope all of you will be proactive in that regard, too. You know what it will mean for your schools; your bus fleets; and the safety of our kids.”

If approved by voters, this multi-faceted ballot proposal would generate an estimated $1.3 billion a year for statewide road and bridge repairs; an estimated $300 million annually for public schools; and give low-income families a tax break.

“Passage of this ballot proposal will help rescue Michigan’s basic infrastructures – roads, bridges, and schools,” Flanagan said.  “These indispensable underpinnings need our support; need our commitment; and need our investment.”

Flanagan noted that individual members of the State Board of Education have expressed backing for the ballot proposal, and he looks forward to them moving together in support in the near future.