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State Board Adopts Improved State Science Standards

November 12, 2015

LANSING – Michigan students will get a deeper understanding of science and its application in the world around them with new state science standards adopted this week by the State Board of Education.

The new standards for science education follow three years of development, review, and public information sessions on the proposed standards.  The new Michigan K-12 Science Standards replace the standards adopted in 2006, and introduce science and engineering practices.

"These new Michigan Science Standards will help our terrific Michigan science educators engage young people in the doing of science, solving real world problems, and getting excited about pursuing science and engineering careers, said State Board President John Austin. “They also send a clear message that Michigan is serious about being the top science and engineering state, preparing the talent to solve the problems of the future right here in Michigan." 

Additionally, the new standards are a set of student performance expectations.  These performance expectations incorporate three main elements:

  • Disciplinary Core Ideas (science specific concepts in the life, earth, and physical sciences)
  • Science and Engineering Practices (the practices of engaging in scientific investigation to answer questions, and engineering design to solve problems)
  • Cross-Cutting Concepts (conceptual ideas common to all areas of science)

These expectations are also interwoven across disciplines, including connections to English language arts and math.

The standards come after a series of presentations to the State Board of Education starting in May 2014 that focused on various implementation considerations. This work culminated in a public comment period and series of informational sessions held throughout the state to address the standards and gather public comment.

The MDE received over 800 responses to a public survey on the updated standards, as well as hundreds of comments from the public information sessions held at 12 sites around the state.

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has provided all information related to the new standards at  The MDE will begin a roll-out of the new standards through information sessions, guidance materials, and other supports through the remainder of the school year.