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State Board Adopts Resolution Supporting Drive SAFE Legislation

January 17, 2020

LANSING – The State Board of Education this week adopted a resolution supporting the passage of “Drive SAFE/Licenses for All” bills in the Michigan Legislature.

Senate Bills 631-632 and House Bills 5192-5193 would permit the Michigan Secretary of State to issue a non-commercial driver’s license and/or a personal identification card to an under-documented resident of Michigan, under prescribed conditions. 

In its resolution, the State Board of Education stated that it “strongly believes that all parents need to be present and actively engaged in their children’s education every day, and a parent’s ability to legally drive a vehicle to and from school is a frequent necessity.”

“A parent’s ability to legally drive a vehicle to school functions before school and in the evenings when public transportation may not be available is essential to stay engaged in their child’s education,” the resolution continued, “and under-documented residents of Michigan who are parents of children in our schools are hindered from fully participating in their child’s education because they are currently not allowed to be issued a Michigan driver’s license.”

A copy of the adopted resolution will be sent to each member of the Michigan Legislature, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State.