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Program Types: IACET Programs

The Michigan Department of Education’s (MDE) encourages the development and use of State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) to support Michigan educators in the renewal and maintenance of MDE issued certificates, licenses and credentials.

Program hours or Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) providers may be transferred to SCECHs after program completion. Due to an agreement between IACET and MDE, these programs are the only hours which can transfer to SCECHs without a program application prior to the program start date.

Individuals who attend IACET programs must submit their original Certificate of Completion to any SCECH sponsor to convert the CEUs or hours earned into SCECHs. The IACET name and/or logo must appear on the certificate received, which should appear as below:

iacet logos

To be awarded SCECHs for participation in training/professional development programs sponsored by an IACET authorized provider, a SCECH coordinator must submit a SCECH program application through the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) containing:

  • The title of the SCECH program is identical to the IACET program title with the addition of a hyphen and IACET (EX: Engaging Students Online-IACET).
  • The actual dates of program listed in the narrative.
  • Fill in current dates in the date line. MOECS will not allow Coordinators to submit past dates, only future dates, so MDE will change the dates to the actual dates listed in the narrative before accepting.
  • The number of SCECHs equal to the number of IACET hours or CEUs awarded (#CEU x 10 = hours).
  • The educator’s IACET Certificate of Completion as required documentation.

Upon MDE approval of the SCECH program, the SCECH coordinator may then upload the participant’s information and the SCECHs earned into MOECS. Once participation is uploaded, the educator must complete the program evaluation survey to receive the SCECHs. This evaluation survey will be sent by email and can also be accessed in the educator’s MOECS account by clicking “Complete SCECH Program Evaluation” in the main menu (after confirming or editing profile information).

Any available agendas or brochures from the IACET program, along with the certificate of completion should be kept by the SCECH coordinator in the program file.

Any questions about the conversion of IACET program hours to SCECHs, may be directed to For general questions about IACET programs, view their website at or email