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Program Types: Program Formats

The three different formats for State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) programs are Face-to-Face, Online/Virtual, and Blended/Hybrid. There are a couple of subtle differences within the program application for each format. The program format is a searchable field in the SCECH Catalog. If needing to change the format of a program, please email the request to Below, please find information about each of the program formats. 

  • Face-to-Face programs include conferences, meetings, workshops and other professional development offerings focused on a specific topic or related topics that take place in-person. The following applies to face-to-face programs: 

    • These programs may be held on one or more days with numerous sessions or several meetings over the course of several weeks or months.
    • Hours of participation should be monitored, maintained and verified by a specific individual.
    • Program sponsors may decide to award partial hours or require full attendance. The system will accept partial hours in increments of .25. Round down to the nearest quarter hour if necessary.
    • The required documentation for face-to-face conferences, meetings, and workshops (unless otherwise noted) is an agenda outlining the following:
      • Title of the offering matching the Program Title on the program application.
      • Date(s) of the program.
      • Clearly defined timeframes for each section, including meals and breaks.
        • Breaks are not required to follow any specific time requirements.
      • Clearly marked calculations for the number of contact hours and SCECHs requested. The number of SCECHs is the instructional time. The following do not count as instructional time:
        • Breaks and meals
        • Registration of participants
        • Orientation of staff personnel
        • Non-instructional committee meetings
        • Conferences or assemblies for policy-making purposes and business meetings of societies and associations
        • Attendance at entertainment events
  • Online/Virtual programs include any conference, meetings, workshops, or modules offered in an online setting. The following applies to Online/Virtual SCECH programs:

    • Technology requirements must be listed in the program application.
    • The amount of SCECHs awarded for online modules will rely on the average amount of time required to complete the program set by the program’s creator or programmer.
    • Each individual enrolled in an Online/Virtual SCECH course must maintain the certificate of completion generated by the program upon completion or an accurate log of time online. The log must be recorded between the beginning and ending date of enrollment indicated in the approved SCECH program application.
    • Online hours should be tracked per the sponsor's preferred method (log, certificate of completion, online sign-in/sign-out, etc.), submitted to the program sponsor's coordinator as required and maintained in the program file.
    • Verification of the completion of all course requirements included in the approved program application is the responsibility of the program instructor/administrator.
    • Documentation of program completion must be received by the coordinator no more than 30 calendar days after the end date of the approved program.
    • The amount of SCECHs awarded will be in compliance with the guidelines as approved by the program application.
    • Deviation from any of the above criteria will be handled on a case-by-case basis and must be pre-approved by the MDE SCECH Administrator.
    • The required documentation for virtual/online programs is a topic description/schedule that should explain content covered in the course and show a schedule of approximate time needed for completion to verify the amount of SCECHs available for the course.
  • Blended/Hybrid Programs include any professional learning activities that include both face-to-face and online components. The following applies to these programs:

    • Technology requirements must be noted in the application.
    • Hours related to in-person portions of the program should be maintained and verified by the program sponsor.
    • Online hours should be tracked per the sponsor’s preferred method (log, certificate of completion, online sign-in/sign-out, etc.) and submitted to the program sponsor’s coordinator if necessary.
    • The amount of SCECHs awarded will be in compliance with the guidelines as approved by the program application.
    • Required documentation depends on the type of blended/hybrid program.

    Any yearlong program that may provide face-to-face and online throughout the year (EX: yearlong district provided professional development (DPPD) programs) should be selected as Blended/Hybrid in format.