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SCECH Sponsor Manual

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) encourages the development and use of State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) to support Michigan educators in the renewal and maintenance of MDE issued certificates, licenses, and credentials. SCECHs are awarded to individuals who complete approved professional learning opportunities.

Only approved SCECH Sponsors may apply directly to MDE to offer SCECH credit for their professional development programs. Sponsorship is limited to Michigan regionally accredited colleges, universities, or community colleges; the Michigan Department of Education; Michigan local and intermediate school districts, private schools, public school academies, non-public schools, and educational entities that employ certified educators to provide instruction to Michigan students from birth to age 26; education organizations who work directly with Michigan schools, teachers, counselors, and/or administrators to meet the needs of a diverse population of PK-12 students and can demonstrate capacity for and delivery of consistent and high-quality professional learning programming annually; and State of Michigan offices. To become a sponsor, complete and submit the SCECH Sponsor Application to MDE.

This manual provides sponsors with the policies and procedures needed to guide them through the application process to offer SCECHs for their programs. Any SCECH manuals preceding this are no longer in effect. For more information, please contact