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Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate Renewal

The Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate (APC) is valid for 5 years and each renewal adds five years to the certificate’s validity. A renewal can be requested any time after January 1 of the expiration year.

The APC recognizes completion of an approved Teacher Leader program or achieving National Board certification through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

School districts approach assignments and benefits associated with the APC differently; therefore, we encourage you to talk with your school and district leaders about your district’s approach.

Renewal Requirements

  1. Ratings of Highly Effective for 3 out of the 5 most recent end-of-school-year annual evaluations under MCL 380.1249*
  2. No ratings of Ineffective within the 5 most recent end-of-school-year annual evaluations under MCL 380.1249*
  3. Education-Related Professional Learning totaling 150 hours. Any teachers unable to meet the APC renewal requirements may return to the Professional Teaching Certificate. 

*For additional information on educator evaluations and ratings, please visit the educator evaluations website or email questions to

Important Note

Educators who hold the School Counselor (NT) endorsement on a teaching certificate, regardless of current assignment, must meet the requirements of law (MCL 380.1233(6)) to renew that teaching certificate. Information pertaining to renewing a school counselor credential can be accessed via the School Counselor Credential Renewals guidance. Endorsements are not renewed; rather, certificates are renewed, and a renewal of that certificate will maintain the existing endorsements. An endorsement can only be removed from a Michigan teaching certificate if the nullification process is utilized.

Education-Related Professional Learning

Education-Related Professional Learning Options

One of the following Education-Related Professional Learning options must be earned since the issue date of the most recent certificate or renewal. These hours must be entered into Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) prior to applying for the renewal for the system to recognize your eligibility:

*Credits in a planned course of study may include credits taken as part of an education-related master’s or higher degree or credits in a program that leads to an endorsement. 

Education-Related Professional Learning Conversion

College credit

1 semester credit = 25 professional learning hours


1 SCECH Hour = 1 professional learning hour


1 DPPD hour = 1 professional learning hour