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MOECS Features for Currently Certified Michigan Teachers

  • Click on the “Personal Information” button on the left navigation menu and update your personal information to provide the best way for the Michigan Department of Education to contact you.

    NOTE: Consider using a personal email address. Individuals using work email accounts often have trouble with receiving notifications or accessing MOECS during summer break, after a break in employment, or on personal devices.

  • Click on the “View Professional Learning” button on the left navigation menu and update the information needed for certificate renewal or progression. All of your professional learning does not need to be housed here; only that which is used for certification purposes.

    Professional learning that is usable for certification must be obtained after the issue date of your certificate or most recent renewal.

    To add college credits, click on college credits tab. Click “add“ and fill in the required fields.

    State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) are uploaded into your account by an approved SCECH sponsor after you have completed the evaluation for the SCECH course. To complete SCECH evaluations click on the “Complete SCECH Evaluations” button. If you have completed the SCECH evaluation and your SCECHs have not been uploaded to your account under the SCECH tab, please contact your SCECH coordinator.

    To add District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) completed before July 1, 2020, click on the “Add DPPD” tab from your MOECS home page (see diagram above) and then click “add” and fill in the required fields. Print your DPPD list by taking a screenshot of your Professional Learning page. Then secure the signature of the administrator who oversaw your DPPD and submit the printout along with the required DPPD form.

    The same administrator who signs the printout must sign the DPPD form to verify your completed DPPD hours. DPPD completed after July 1, 2020 must be added to your MOECS account by your district.

    You may view your total professional learning hours applicable to your next renewal by clicking on the “Totals" tab from your Professional Learning page (see diagram below).

    MOECS professional learning screen


  • Click the left navigation button labeled “Apply or Renew.” MOECS will guide you through the application process by asking a series of questions, after which you will be sent a cover letter and a “Pay Fee” link.

    Learn more about requirements for teacher recertification

  • Click on the “Home” button on the left navigation menu after completing the application questions. All of your pending applications will be viewable here once they are submitted. An active “Pay Fee” link will appear on the right of your application before you submit payment. Payment can be made using credit or debit cards only.

    NOTE: Payment is for the evaluation process and receipt of payment by this office does not constitute approval of your application or issuance of your certificate.

    Learn more about certificate application fees

  • Click on the Home button on the left navigation menu. All of your pending applications will be viewable here once they are submitted. The various application status labels are explained below.

    • Submitted: requires university approval or action; requires employer approval or action; not applicable to all applications. Contact your teacher preparation institution for more information about this status.
    • Pending Conviction Review: not applicable to all applications, only those requiring court documents under school safety laws.
    • Pending Payment: Click “Pay Fee” link to submit your application fee. Waiting for Documents: Utilize the cover letter to ensure that you have sent all required documents. Allow 2 weeks for OEE to process.
    • Pending Evaluation: Preliminary documentation has been received and you will hear from an evaluator within 4-6 weeks.
    • Hold: You received an email with the reason for the hold. To review the hold reason, click on your application number.
    • Temporarily Approved: Testing or additional coursework is required. This is a ONE-YEAR temporary status.
    • Approved/Denied/Canceled: One of these statuses will indicate the completion of your application evaluation.

    Step-by-step: checking your application status

  • Upon certificate approval, you may print your certificate by clicking on the “Print Certificate” button on the left navigation panel. The certificate will be official once it is signed and notarized.

    Step by step: printing your certificate