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OHNS RFQ - Procurement Compliance Project for Child Nutrition Programs

The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) Procurement Team works within the Food Distribution Unit. The team is responsible for training, technical assistance, and reviews of school and non-school Child Nutrition Program sponsor procurement practices and Food Service Contracts. Dedicated staff assist program sponsors with competitively procuring Food Service Management Company (FSMC) or Vended Meal Company (VMC) food service contracts. The team also provides training and technical assistance related to the procurement process for large and small purchases.

Legal Disclaimer

MDE does not review or judge the fairness, advisability, efficiency, or fiscal implications of any contract, or amendment or addendum. MDE is not a party to any contractual relationship between the Sponsor and a distributor, vendor, or any other contracted organization. MDE is not obligated, liable or responsible for any action or inaction taken by the Sponsor and a distributor, vendor, or any other contracted organization. Sponsors should always seek and obtain professional guidance and consultation from a lawyer or legal counsel before sending out a solicitation or entering into any type of agreement.

Furthermore, MDE does not endorse, nor does it guarantee the use of information and/or language contained in any procurement template or resource. Information has been gathered from multiple sources and is not the sole product of MDE. Resources are meant to be utilized as a starting point to help Sponsors develop an understanding of what goes into a solicitation document for procurement of a vendor or distributor to provide goods or services. Sponsors should develop their own internal solicitation and procurement processes and procedures that are representative of their unique local purchasing requirements. Read each section carefully and thoroughly.


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