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School Counselor Credential Renewal

The role of a Michigan school counselor can be fulfilled by individuals who hold either of the following renewable credentials:

Both credentials are valid for five-years with unlimited renewals. A renewal can be requested any time after January 1 in the year the credential expires. Review the detailed information School Counselor Assignments to determine which credential is appropriate for a specific assignment or role.

Beginning February 6, 2020, school counselors holding either of these credentials are required to complete 50 professional development hours specific to college and career preparation in order to renew a school counselor credential as required by Michigan Compiled Law (MCL) 380.1233 (6-8). Hours must be accrued as follows:

  • 25 hours - college preparation and selection; and
  • 25 hours - career consultation; 5 of which MUST include the exploration of military career options.

These 50 hours of specific professional learning can be included as a part of the 150 hours of Education-Related Professional Learning required for renewal and may be earned through DPPD, SCECHs, or college credit. University and college credit and DPPD meeting the requirements of MCL 380.1233 must be submitted and approved using the State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) process. The Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) will only allow credentialed educators to apply for a renewal if the hours required by MCL 380.1233 are logged in the educator's MOECS account prior to application submission.

School Counselor Professional Development Infographic

Note: Educators who hold the School Counselor (NT) endorsement on a teaching certificate, regardless of current assignment, must meet the requirements of law to renew that teaching certificate. Endorsements are not renewed; rather, certificates are renewed, and a renewal of that certificate will maintain the existing endorsements. An endorsement can only be removed from a Michigan teaching certificate if the nullification process is utilized.

Education-Related Professional Learning

Education-Related Professional Learning Options

One of the following Education-Related Professional Learning options must be earned since the issue date of the most recent certificate or renewal. These hours must be entered into Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) prior to applying for the renewal for the system to recognize your eligibility:

*Credits in a planned course of study may include credits taken as part of an education-related master’s or higher degree or credits in a program that leads to an endorsement. 

Education-Related Professional Learning Conversion

College credit

1 semester credit = 25 professional learning hours


1 SCECH Hour = 1 professional learning hour


1 DPPD hour = 1 professional learning hour

Documenting Education-Related Professional Learning

  • College credits must be documented on a transcript and submitted as part of the application. Unofficial transcripts or copies are acceptable.
  • SCECHs are maintained in the system and do not require additional documentation as part of the application process. In order to receive SCECHs, programs must be submitted by the sponsoring entity and educators must complete the evaluation in their MOECS profile.
  • DPPD completed prior to July 1, 2020 must be submitted in the MOECS system and a form signed by the administrator must be submitted as well.

Obtaining School Counselor Professional Development Hours

Current Programs

Current and approved SCECH programs that meet the law and standards can be viewed on the Michigan Department of Education SCECH catalog by searching the School Counseling category. If searching for College, Career and Military options leave all boxes checked to receive the most robust search results that meet the criteria of MCL 380.1233 (6-8). Please check the SCECH Catalog regularly for updated program offerings.

New Programs

University and college credits and District Provided Professional Development (DPPD) can be offered to meet requirements of MCL 380.1233 if they are approved as SCECHs.

Colleges, universities, educators, local and national organizations, business and industry must become, or partner with, SCECH Sponsors to offer professional development opportunities that meet the requirements of MCL 380.1233 and the State Board of Education approved School Counselor Professional Development Standards. Questions pertaining to SCECH programs and the School Counselor Professional Development Standards can be directed to

Viewing Completed Programs

After logging into MOECS educators can view earned SCECHs by clicking the Professional Learning tab. Upon clicking the SCECH tab, MOECS will display columns for College, Career and Military. Additionally, the total SCECHs awarded and remaining clock hours needed to meet the total of 150 are also displayed. Questions regarding an individual MOECS account can be directed to the certification support team.