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7.00.02: Summer Reporting

7.00.02: Summer Reporting

When your reporting unit has no employees to report for a pay period any time within your payroll calendar, that pay period will need to show a check mark in the Summer Reporting column of your payroll calendar details on the Employer Reporting website. The Summer Reporting check mark alerts the ORS system to no longer expect a report. If you do not contact ORS to alert and request this update to your calendar, the system will consider the report delinquent and assess missing report fees each pay period the report is missing. This can impact future employer statements as well.

Only ORS can check the Summer Reporting box in the payroll calendar details. You must contact ORS before the 5th business day of the report end date for the request to be processed. When requesting the change, provide your reporting unit number and the pay period(s) to mark as Summer Reporting.


See 7.00.01 Payroll calendars and due dates for additional information.

Last updated 5/2/2023