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7.06.02 Reporting employees who are new to MPSERS

7.06.02 Reporting employees who are new to MPSERS

When a newly hired employee's Member Information Display screen shows No record on file the employee is new to MPSERS and has a retirement plan election to make. Report the new employee as Pension Plus 2 with PHF, as instructed on the Member Information Display screen. All new members should have DTL1, DTL2 and DTL4 records on their first report. (See also section 7.06.03: Completing DTL1 records for new employees.)

Remit contributions using the rates shown on the current contribution rates table. Valid DTL1 and DTL4 records will post; DTL2 records will remain suspended until the member's election has been processed (whether the member elects a plan or defaults into the Defined Contribution (DC) plan when the 75-day election window ends).

You will receive notifications on the Employer Reporting website indicating new members have been added to your reporting unit's records:

It is important to monitor your employees who are new to MPSERS during their 75-day election window, because employees can elect or default to the DC plan in the middle of a pay cycle. This can alter your totals and affect the amount you withhold from the employee's paycheck. Our system starts calculating DC contribution rates immediately after the employee elects or defaults to DC, regardless of the employee's deferral percentage before the change.

Be sure to review your download details and the DC Feedback file, and report deferral rate changes as soon as an employee defaults or elects the DC benefit plan.

Until new members make their election or the election window ends, you can use the View Election Status link on the Things To Do menu to keep track of new members and their election status. The New Members Yet to Make Election section shows new members and how many days remain in their election window.

Click the member's SSN to view the dates that ORS sent the member letters about election.

When a new member makes an election on their miAccount or their election window ends, the message below appears on your Employer Reporting home page:

The section of the View Election Status screen called New Members Who Have Made Their Election shows these employees and the benefit plan they elected.

Click a member's SSN link to view the New Member Election Communication screen, which shows the date of their election and the pay periods that need DTL4 adjustments, if applicable.

New members who elect Pension Plus 2 retirement plan
These employees were reported under Pension Plus 2 from the beginning, so no changes or adjustments are needed.

New employees who elect or default into the Defined Contribution (DC) plan
Switch these new employees to the DC plan in your payroll records for all pay periods going forward. Use the Contribution Rates table for the current fiscal year to determine the rates.

You will need to submit adjustment records for all previously posted DTL4 records. See section 7.06.04: Adjusting posted DTL4 records for new members for more information.

Last updated: 02/01/2018