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7.06.00: Reporting newly hired employees - overview

7.06.00: Reporting newly hired employees - overview

Follow the instructions below to ensure you report your new employees accurately.

  1. Search for the new employee using the Member Benefit Plan link. See section 7.06.01 Determining a member's benefit plan for detailed instructions. Minimize the risk of starting a second account for this new employee by ensuring the Social Security number you have on file is accurate.
  2. Determine how to report new employees based on their plan. The Member Information Display screen will show one of the following results:
  • The new employee is an active member and has a retirement plan on file: Report the new employee as indicated on the Member Information Display screen. Note:
    • When calculating defined benefit (DB) contributions for graded plans (MIP Graded, MIP Plus, and Pension Plus), start the member at the lowest contribution tier, even if the member works at more than one reporting unit.
    • DC contribution rates for employees who change employers must start at the mandatory rate with the new employer regardless of the contribution rate in place with the previous employer.
  • The new employee is retired from MPSERS: To ensure accurate reporting of MPSERS retirees who return to work, see Chapter 9: Retirees Who Return to Work. Use the Working after retirement - employer guide to determine the correct employment class code.
  • There is no record on file: The employee is new to MPSERS and has a retirement plan election to make. See section 7.06.02: Reporting employees who are new to MPSERS for further information.
  1. Complete a DTL1 (demographic) record on the payroll report when you first report wages for this employee. See section 7.06.03: Completing DTL1 records for new employees for more detail.

New Employee Reporting Process e-learning module

The New Employee Reporting Process e-learning module takes you through the retirement plan election process and provides examples of how to report new employees (both existing members and new members). Click the image to open the module.

Last updated: 02/01/2018