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7.01.00: The reporting process

7.01.00: The reporting process

The payroll reporting process provides ORS with wage and service information for each member of MPSERS. The process consists of six steps, some of which may have to be completed more than once, to post wages and service credit (hours) to individual MPSERS member accounts.

  1. Process payroll and review for any retirement changes or adjustments:
    1. Review the DC feedback file for defined contribution (DC) changes. See section 7.04.01: View DC Feedback File. Update your records if needed.
    2. Review the Member Benefit Plan screen for new hires/rehires benefit plan. See section 7.06.01: Determining a member's benefit plan.
    3. Review View Election Status to see if new employees have made elections. Update plan changes in payroll system prior to payroll processing. See section 7.06.02 Reporting employees who are new to MPSERS.
  2. Create a retirement report file in your payroll system, to be uploaded in step 3 if you upload your reports. Add any additional records to the retirement report, as determined by step 1.
  3. By the third business day following the pay period end date (day 3):
    1. Log in to the Employer Reporting website and go to Work on Reports > Create a New Report. See section 7.01.01: Creating report headers with report begin and end dates.
    2. Upload, copy forward, or create a new retirement report. See section 7.01.03: Populating and submitting reports.
    3. If you have adjustments due to election changes (members who elected DC) and did not add them to your report in step 2, manually add the payroll adjustment records now. See section 7.06.04: Adjusting posted DTL4 records for new members.
  4. The next day (after the report has gone through the overnight edits and validations process): review the report on Employer Reporting website.
    1. Go to Work on Reports and select the current pay period.
    2. Open the Error Download Detail to review errors and edit records as needed. See section 7.05.05: Using the Error Download Detail report.
    3. Open the Report Totals Download Detail and review any contribution discrepancies. See sections 7.01.06: Viewing and verifying report totals and 7.01.08: Using the Download Detail link.
    4. Accept report. See section 7.01.07: Accepting a report. This should be completed as soon as possible but no later than the fifth business day (day 5) following your pay period end date.
    5. Review the report and resolve discrepancies by repeating steps 5a - 5e.
    6. Save a copy of the Report Totals Download Detail once your report is fully posted. See section 7.01.09: Saving Download Detail reports.
  5. Make payment (must be completed by a Payment Processor). Payment is due by the seventh business day following your pay period end date (day 7).
    1. If paying before day 7: go to View Employer Statement and review the Recent Activity screen. See section 8.04.03 The Recent Activity page.
    2. To pay on day 7 (recommended): go to View Employer Statement and review the Pay Cycle Statement to confirm the defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) final amounts due to ORS. See section 8.04.02: The Pay Cycle Statement.
    3. Pay the amount due for each contribution type on the "Balance Due" line of the statement. Credits are accounted for within your balance due. See section 8.03.02: How to make a payment.
      1. Pay DB Contributions using receipt type "DB Contributions & TDP."
      2. Pay DC Contributions using receipt type "DC Contributions."
  6. On day 10: review employer statement to ensure payments have been posted in full.


The steps above are also available in this printable Reporting Process Checklist.


Last updated: 12/04/2012