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7.05.00 Finding and correcting errors, making adjustments

7.05.00 Finding and correcting errors, making adjustments

Errors in retirement data can have a significant impact on both the member and the reporting unit. A member may not be able to retire when expected if service hours are reported incorrectly or may have an inaccurate estimate of their pension amount if compensation is reported inaccurately. When errors are discovered, the reporting unit must correct the information, which is more work the longer the error goes undetected.

Once you have uploaded a report or accepted a report, the ORS Employer Reporting system runs a validation process each night to identify errors and potential errors. Records that the reporting unit can and must correct are labeled ORG Fix. (Some suspended records can be corrected by the reporting unit. Correct any suspended or bad format records before the record will post. You should also review flagged records and correct any errors found.)

The procedure for correcting errors in detail records depends on when the error is identified. The earlier you spot a problem, the easier it is to fix. You might identify an incorrect record:

Last updated: 03/18/2022