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7.01.04: Checking file status after submitting a report

7.01.04: Checking file status after submitting a report

After you have loaded your report, you will receive a confirmation screen. In addition, the View Report Totals screen will show one of three file statuses:

  • In progress: you loaded your report today, and it has not run through the overnight batch process.
  • Loaded: your report ran through the overnight batch process and has loaded successfully.
  • Not loaded: means that your report did not load properly.

The uploaded report will go through batch processing overnight. The next day, the file status will change from In progress to either Loaded or Not Loaded

If you can't get your file to load, please contact Employer Reporting (800-381-5111 or for assistance.

If you have submitted (loaded) your report, have not accepted it yet, and no records have posted, you can delete the report and start over. See section 7.05.01: Deleting a report.

However, if you have accepted your report or any records have posted, you will need to work with that report as it was submitted. You can edit or delete any records that have not posted, but for any incorrect records that have already posted, you will need to submit adjustment records on your next payroll report.

Last updated: 12/27/2018