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7.03.07: Reporting wages without hours on a DTL2 record

7.03.07: Reporting wages without hours on a DTL2 record

Wages without hours payments, such as longevity pay that is paid regularly to all employees, are considered reportable wages. Some reporting units include wages without hours payments combined with their employee's regular pay and report them together under wage code 01. Other reporting units pay wages without hours in a separate lump sum payment. When wages without hours are paid in this way, use these codes:

  • Wage code 09 - Wages Without Hours.
  • Wage code 15 - Wages Without Hours Positive Adjustment.
  • Wage code 16 - Wages Without Hours Negative Adjustment.

When creating a separate DTL2 record for wages without hours, note the following:

  1. Use the same class code as the employee's regular pay. For example, use class code 1240 for a teacher's regular wages as well as for a teacher's wages without hours payment.
  2. The end date of the record must match the pay period end date of the report.
  3. The pay rate and frequency of pay must match those for regular wages. Note that the pay rate is the current rate of pay for the class code used on the regular DTL2 record.

To adjust a previously reported wages without hours payment (reported with wage code 09) is a two-step process.

  1. Subtract the posted wages using wage code 16 - Wages Without Hours Negative Adjustment.
  2. Add a positive adjustment record using wage code 05 - Regular Wages Positive Adjustment to add both wages and hours. You must include the pay rate on the positive adjustment record.

Last updated: 04/13/2012