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7.05.05: Using the Error Download Detail report

7.05.05: Using the Error Download Detail report

The Error Download Detail report is a spreadsheet showing a list of errors, the status and an explanation. This report lists all records that you need to correct rather than all records (like the Download Detail explained in 7.01.08: Using the Download Detail link

  1. On the Work on Reports screen, locate the report and click the View Report link in the Edit Report column.
  2. Click the Error Download Detail link near the top of the page.

  1. All error messages for the report will be displayed. We suggest you copy this data into a spreadsheet on your computer, as it is easier to sort or filter and will also allow you to save the report. 

You may want to use this report to:

  • Sort by Error Type to find all of your records marked ORG FIX, then by Message Type to find your flagged or suspended error messages.
  • Sort by Error Message to group like error messages together.

Last updated: 09/13/2015