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7.05.01: Deleting a report

7.05.01: Deleting a report

You may delete a retirement detail report as long as none of the records on the report have posted and the online Pay Cycle Statement has not been created (on day 7 of the pay cycle calendar). Posted reports may never be deleted.

  1. Click Work on Reports on the Things To Do menu.
  2. Verify that the % Complete column shows 0.00. If the number is more than 0.00 you cannot delete the report.
  3. Click the Delete link next to the report you wish to delete.

  1. You will see the Report Deletion confirmation page. Click Yes to confirm that you wish to delete this report.
  1. The Report Deleted screen will display to confirm the deletion process.

IMPORTANT: If you must delete a report that was originally submitted before or by the submission deadline, in order to re-upload a corrected version of the same report, you may be charged to a late fee of $50. To avoid the late fee, contact Employer Reporting by phone at 800-381-5111 before deleting the report. You must talk to a representative directly. The ER representative must be able to see that the original report was submitted on time before the new report is uploaded and overwrites the original submission date. Only then can the ER staff person request that a late fee be removed for the second submission.

Last updated: 12/27/2018