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7.04.00: Detail 4 (DTL4) records - common error messages

7.04.00: Detail 4 (DTL4) records - common error messages

This section and the following sections address situations in which a DTL4 record may need to be corrected or adjusted, or the contribution rate changed, either due to an error or because the member has changed their contribution rate.

The table below lists the most common error messages received on suspended or flagged DTL4 records, as well as instructions for fixing the errors so the record be valid and will post to the member's account.

Error Message

How to Fix

B - Employer DC Contribution Percent is not numeric.


S - Employee or Employer has PHF percentage with more than one decimal point.

Enter percent as a whole number. A contribution of 2% should be entered as 2.00 (not 2%, not 0.02).

S - This member's ORS account is missing one or more of the following data elements: First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address and/or Gender.

For a new employee to your reporting unit or to the MPSERS system, a DTL1 - Demographic record must be posted before the DTL4 record will post. After the DTL1 record is posted, save this record and after the validations and edits process runs, the error message will be removed.

Or verify that the Social Security number is correct for the employee being reported.

S - Complete demographic details are not present in the members account.

ORS is missing some or all of the demographics required for this member. Check the DTL1 record to ensure that the address is current and that the record is complete, including the country code, zip code (or the postal code field if the member lives outside of the USA), date of birth, and gender. If any of these data are missing, the record will suspend.

See section 7.02.01: Reporting member demographics data on a Detail 1 (DTL1) record.

S - The member has been reported on a DTL4 record more than once with overlapping begin and end dates.

ORS needs only one DTL4 record per report begin and end date. If you reported an employee with two DTL2 records for the same begin and end date, you should submit only one DTL4 record for the total wages reported.

Example: A report has DTL2 records with the same begin and end dates and different class codes for a total of $1500.00 in reportable wages. Put the total amount onto one DTL4 record and delete the other.

If you have multiple DTL4 records but the begin and end dates overlap, check each record to see where the begin/end dates overlap and correct the dates on the records with overlapping time frames.

S - DC Record Type is invalid for DTL4 record.

If the data on your report upload for the DC record type was anything other than 01, 05 or 06, our system defaulted the record type on your DTL2 record to 01 - Regular. Use the drop-down box to select a valid record type, even if you have to reselect 01 - Regular.

S - No regular record posted for the same pay period.

There is no record posted with begin and end dates that match this negative adjustment. Compare the information to the View Employee Info screen and correct the begin and end dates, or delete the record.

S - MPSERS benefit structure is missing.

Contact ORS.

S - Record dates are prior to the report begin and end date for a regular record.

A record with wage code 01 shows begin and end dates that are earlier than the report begin and end dates. If the record is an adjustment, change the wage code to 05 for a positive adjustment or 06 for a negative adjustment. Or correct the record begin and end dates to match the report dates.

S - DTL4 reported prior to technology enhancements. Contact ORS.

The end date on the record is before technology enhancements that calculate contributions on the DTL4. ORS needs to edit the member account to allow these records to post. Please contact ORS.

S - The begin and/or end dates of this record do not match a payroll cycle or fall within a payroll cycle detailed in your calendar. Please verify and update the record.

Check the begin and end dates of the record for accuracy and modify the record dates to match your payroll calendar.

If you have entered multiple records for adjustments, you may not have entered the correct begin and end dates. Check the download detail to see if the begin and end dates are correct. Correct the dates on any incorrect DTL4 records.

Last updated: 04/12/2024