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Active County/Township Programs Grant Application

Once local units of government have completed the prior steps in “Starting up a County/Township Program'', they’re one step closer to being able to submit a grant application. For a local unit of government to be eligible to submit a grant application, the following requirements must be met:

• They have adopted a development rights ordinance providing for a PDR program in accordance with the applicable zoning act (county, township, or city and village) that contains the following:
         o An application procedure
         o Criteria for a farmland parcel selection-scoring system
         o A method to establish the price to be paid for development rights which may include an appraisal, bidding, or formula-based process

• They have adopted, within the last 10 years, a comprehensive land use plan that includes a plan for agricultural preservation or is included in a regional plan meeting the same requirements

Things that will be included in the grant application form will include:
    • A list of the parcels proposed for PDR
    • Size and location for each parcel
    • Amount of local matching funds
    • Estimated value of the agricultural conservation easement

When it comes time, applications will be sent out to qualified PDR programs. Applications will be due 60 days upon application release. These applications must be submitted to (entity that these must be submitted to)

Critical Dates
Applications will be sent out:
Applications must be received:
Applicants will be notified: