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County Fairs and Festivals

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County Fairs and Festivals

Michigan has 86 county fairs every year!

MDARD’s Food and Dairy Division is responsible for licensing food vendors at county fairs in Michigan. MDARD food inspectors and food sanitarians from local health departments inspect food trucks and issue licenses for food trucks, fair kitchens and other food vendors at each fair to assure food safety requirements are being met.

The department’s Animal Industry Division protects, regulates, and promotes animal health by performing inspections and educational outreach at fairs and exhibitions to ensure all livestock appear healthy; have proper care during fairs; and have appropriate official identification, test charts, and interstate certificates of veterinary inspection, when required. MDARD veterinarians also assist in the investigation and control of reportable disease cases at these events.

MDARD also offers competitive grants to county fairs for upgrading buildings and other capital improvements to fairground facilities.

Information for Food Vendors:

2023 Fair Inspection Transition Project - List of Participating Fairs and Local Health Department Contacts

Notification of Intent to Serve Form - Notification of Intent to Operate a Special Transitory Food Unit

Apply Online For a License