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Fruit and Vegetable Inspection

The Fruit and Vegetable (F&V) Inspection Program offers an unbiased, third-party inspection service for the produce industry in Michigan and throughout the United States. F&V inspections are based on both USDA and MDARD standards, processor specifications, and industry requests. USDA standards are used nationwide as a basis for purchase and resolving disputes. Except for federal programs and exports, the program is voluntary. All F&V staff are required to be licensed by USDA on each commodity they inspect.

Market Inspections

Inspections are conducted on incoming produce entering through channels of trade from anywhere in the world. Market inspections protect the buyer, broker, and consumer from receiving sub-standard produce. Michigan's produce buyers, brokers and receivers also use market inspections to resolve court disputes. This type of inspection is vital for the success of Michigan's produce industry.

Process Inspections

Produce inspection is based upon USDA standards and processor specifications. Process inspections protect Michigan farmers by providing them with an unbiased, third party inspection on the produce they deliver to the process plant. Process inspection is voluntary.

Good Agricultural Practices and Good Handling Practices

The GAP/GHP program provides uniformity through a national auditing program for the fresh produce industry, verifying good agricultural and handling practices. It is an independent, third-party, audit-based service provided by licensed GAP/GHP inspectors who have successfully completed the GAP/GHP training class and have participated in a minimum of three audits, including two as the lead auditor. This type of audit is required by some purchasers of produce.

To request an audit, please fill out the USDA GAP/GHP - Request for Audit Services form and email to If you did not participate in the USDA GAP/GHP Audit Program in the last year, download and complete the Agreement for Participation in Audit Verification Programs form as well.

Fee Schedule

$115.00 per hour inspection, plus round-trip travel.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage Licensing

The Controlled Atmosphere Storage Licensing program is available to any fruit or vegetable grower that wishes to market their product as meeting the qualifications of the Fruits and Vegetables Controlled Atmosphere Storage Act 228 of 1959. When the producer meets this act, their product can be marketed as "CA STORAGE" produce. MDARD's Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division is responsible for the enforcement of this act.

Who must be licensed?

A person or legal entity can not sell, label, describe, advertise, offer, expose, exchange, or transport fruits or vegetables for sale represented as having been held under controlled atmosphere storage conditions as specified in the act, unless the sealed storage rooms are licensed.

  • If you use the term "CA" or Controlled Atmosphere on containers, they must come from a licensed controlled atmosphere storage room.
  • Several states and countries have quarantines requiring apples and other fruit to be held in licensed and approved CA storage to qualify for phytosanitary certification. If your firm is not licensed as a CA facility, it cannot be approved for plant pest regulatory purposes. If your firm exports products to a state or country that has special requirements such as continuous monitoring, please contact the Export and Compliance Specialist, Amber Neils, at or 517-449-0786 to ensure your firm meets the requirements.

Cost per license

$35.00 per room. Note: Rooms must be sealed on or before November 15.

All licenses expire on November 15 the year after issued and may be renewed annually unless the license is revoked or suspended.

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For additional information regarding the Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Program, contact the Program Manager Patricia Bizoukas at 517-512-3603 or via email at