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Compliance Assistance Library

This Compliance Assistance Library page hosts a collection of documents developed by the Pesticide Section of the Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division. These documents are made available to the pesticide application industry to provide compliance assistance with the pesticide laws and regulations and is not intended to replace the value of knowing the laws and regulations regulating the pesticide application industry.

Pesticide Inspector by County - New!
Use this map to find your local pesticide inspector.

Guidance for Lawn Caution Marker Posting and Application Notification at Multi-Unit Residential Properties

Shared Responsibility Subcontracting Contract
If a firm wants to subcontract pesticide application services for its customer, whether it is licensed to apply pesticides or not, MDARD will recognize a written agreement contract that is equally effective and compliant with the law.

Risk/Benefit Information for Pesticide Applications
No later than at the time of initial pesticide application, a commercial applicator shall provide all of the following risk and benefit information.

Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Pesticide Application Business Record Review Checklist
All commercial applicators shall maintain verifiable records of restricted-use pesticide applications for a period of not less than 3 years and general-use pesticide applications for a period of not less than 1 year following the application.

Drift Management Plan Template
A drift management plan shall be utilized by the applicator to minimize the occurrence and adverse effects of off-target drift.

Pesticide Application Business Road Check
This is in the official MDARD inspector checklist used to determine compliance with Michigan's pesticide laws and regulations while making a commercial pesticide application.

Endangered Species By County
Pesticide applicators can check if there are endangered species present in a county where they intend to use a pesticide product, and if there are restrictions related to the use of such pesticide to protect endangered species. Applicators can also find if an endangered species bulletin is in place when a pesticide label makes reference to the protection of endangered species.

Ready To Use Rodenticides
Rodenticide ready-to-use application conditions

Rodenticide Bait Stations in Feed Mills and Elevators

Industry Alert - Pest Strip Use
Pesticide Pest Strip Use in Food and Feed Establishments