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Licensing Portal System

Welcome to the new Licensing Portal System (LPS) help page. LPS is the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's (MDARD) new online licensing system which gives users the opportunity to apply for, maintain, and track statuses of licenses and permits. At this point in time, applicants can apply for the following licenses through LPS:


  • Dairy Certified Field Representative
  • Dairy Grade A Plant
  • Dairy Grade A Producer
  • Dairy Hauler/Sampler
  • Dairy Manufacturing Plant
  • Dairy Manufacturing Producer
  • Dairy Milk Transportation Company
  • Dairy Receiving Station
  • Dairy Single Service
  • Dairy Tanker Truck
  • Dairy Tanker Truck Wash
  • Dairy Transfer Station
  • Dairy Warehouse/Distributor 

Food Establishment:

  • Extended Retail Food Establishment
  • Food Vending Base
  • Food Warehouse
  • Limited Wholesale Food Processor
  • Mobile Food Commissary
  • Mobile Food Establishment
  • Retail Food Establishment
  • Special Transitory Food Unit
  • State or County Fair
  • Temporary Food Establishment
  • Wholesale Food Processor


Grain Dealer:

  • Grain Dealer Facility
  • Grain Dealer Merchandiser
  • Grain Dealer Truck


  • Nursery Dealer
  • Nursery Grower
  • Registered Nursery Dealer
  • Small Scale Nursery Grower

Retail Motor Fuel Quality:

  • Motor Fuel Retail Outlet

The purpose of this page is to help customers navigate the Licensing Portal System (LPS) and to provide guidance on how to successfully process license/permit applications through the external facing LPS. On this page, you will be able to find an overview of the new system, procedures to assist with the application process, acceptable payment options, and helpful links to assist you with the license/permit application process.


The new online system will feature a dashboard for easy viewing of all open applications, notifications from MDARD, and payment information connected to the user's organization.

Some of the benefits of the new licensing system include easier access to licensing information and application status; a simplified, faster application process, and immediate notification when the upcoming renewal season becomes available. The new system will also improve license processing efficiency for MDARD's Central Licensing Unit, allowing for uniformity in license processing and more accurate data collection.

Getting Started


MDARD leverages MiLogin accounts to allow user access to the online Licensing Portal System. MILogin is the state of Michigan Identity Management solution that allows users the ability to access many state services and systems online, across multiple departments, using a single user ID and password.

For more information on the MILogin services, visit

Instructions for creating a MiLogin account: How to Create a MiLogin Account

Instructions for registering for a MiLogin account: Register for An Account Through MiLogin

If you currently access Water Usage Reporting (WUR), or any other of the State of Michigan's online services and applications, they are all leveraging MiLogin accounts. Please use your user ID and password from those systems to log into the MiLogin portal, instead of creating a new account.


At this point in time, LPS only accepts payments in form of a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).

Please note that the State of Michigan utilizes the State's Centralized Electronic Payment and Authorization System (CEPAS) System to process online credit card transactions. The charge will show up on your account as "Department of Agriculture & Rural Development Credit Card". The payment for a new license application will be a part of your application process.

Helpful Links

MiLogin Information:

How to Create a MiLogin Account

MiLogin Login Screen

MDARD Licensing Portal System (LPS) Login Screen

How to Apply for a New License in LPS

How to Renew a License in LPS

Paper Applications

Help/Contact Us

Please contact the MDARD Customer Service Center at 800-292-3939 (M-F, 8-5) or send an e-mail with your contact information to