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Residential Water Stewardship

Non-agricultural rural and urban residential users of pesticides and fertilizers may access the Michigan Water Stewardship Program (MWSP) risk assessment through a web-based program designed to assist their adoption of stewardship practices that reduce environmental risks to water and other related natural resources. This MWSP website educates homeowners, youth, and teachers using a variety of modules which provide specific recommendations, lesson plans, and other information to protect water resources. School teachers can use "plug and play" lesson plans which are designed around the Michigan Department of Education's Science Level Content Expectations (GLCEs). This provides K-12 educators with useful tools for protecting resources around the home and matches classroom materials with standardized test expectations. This grant does not fund an FTE but part of a person's time to oversee website changes and outreach. The website records the components that are accessed, permitting MWSP to track the usefulness of the components and providing opportunities to improve the site. To learn more about MWSP, visit

FY2016 MAEAP Residential Annual Report