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Nursery Licensing and Inspection

MDARD’s Nursery Program helps safeguard Michigan agriculture and natural resources against the introduction, establishment, and spread of harmful pests through inspections of nursery stock that is disseminated within or out of the state.

Nursery/Plant Licensing and Inspection and Information

Nursery Licensing and Inspection information, including requirements, applications, inspection information, and more.

Inspection Fee Increases for 2023

Nursery Grower License Application

Nursery Dealer License Application

Map of Michigan Nursery Inspection Districts

Explanation of Nursery License Types

Nursery Stock Inspection Requirements

Explanation of Inspection Fees

Nursery Stock Licensing FAQ

Michigan's Plant Pest Quarantines

Michigan's Insect and Plant Disease Act, Act 189 of 1931

Michigan Licensed Nurseries

Prohibited and Restricted Weeds


Nursery Stock Shipping Requirements

Federal/State Plant Quarantine Summaries (National Plant Board)

U.S. Domestic Japanese Beetle Domestic Harmonization Plan

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How to Apply for a New License in LPS

How to Renew a License in LPS