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Apiary Inspections

Michigan’s Apiary Law, Act 412 of 1976 provides for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to conduct apiary inspections, as well as the ability to impose a quarantine to restrict the transportation of bees or bee products within or through the state, should any new and injurious pests or diseases occur. Apiary inspections ensure bees and beekeeping equipment are free of pests before being shipped to other states or countries. This helps to reduce the spread of problematic pests to other places and facilitates the movement of colonies to states in need of bees for pollination of crops. We have apiary inspectors across the state available to conduct these inspections for beekeepers who request them.

Currently, the shipment of bees into Michigan from other states and Canada is unrestricted. We do not maintain a registry of beekeepers or require a license. Beekeepers can find individual state requirements on the Apiary Inspectors of America website.

In addition to facilitating the movement of bees, the state provides guidelines for beekeeping and apiary management in the Beekeeping and Apiary Management section of the Generally Accepted Agriculture and Management Practices (GAAMPS) Care of Farm Animals. For more information on bees, pollinators, and beekeeping both commercial and hobbyist, an excellent resource is Michigan State University Extension Beekeepers Page, which provides articles, webinars, and courses on a diverse range of pollinator-related topics.

To schedule an inspection please contact Andria McCubbin at 517-599-5748, or