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Restricted Use Pesticides Dealers

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Restricted Use Pesticides Dealers


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Restricted Use Pesticides

Restricted use pesticides (RUP) are pesticides not available to the public in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registers all pesticides as either "unclassified" or "restricted use". 

The Registered Pesticide List contains all the restricted use pesticides registered for sale in Michigan for the current registration year. The list is updated daily and can be filtered by the product or company name, EPA registration number, or RUP status. 

Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers

Licensed Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers in Michigan

Any person or firm intending to sell, offer for sale, or otherwise distribute to the ultimate user (certified private or commercial pesticide applicator) a restricted use pesticide (RUP) is required to become a licensed RUP dealer. 

Requirements to become a licensed RUP dealer

  • A $100 annual licensing fee. 
  • Complete the Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer License Application
  • Pass the RUP Dealer Examination. A person (referred to as the "Person in Charge") designated by the company to apply for the license must pass the RUP Dealer Examination. A score of 70 percent of above is required to pass. An applicant may be granted a reexamination after an interview with a person(s) delegated by the director. Once completed, the Person in Charge does not have to retake the exam to renew their license. 

Use the Exam Study Guide for RUP Person in Charge to prepare for the RUP Dealer Examination and contact Stephanie Baughan at 517-284-5749 to schedule your exam. 

Out of state applicants must contact Tom Lawrence at to become licensed to distribute RUP in Michigan. Out of state firms must be authorized to conduct business in Michigan. A copy of that authorization must be on file with MDARD. You can apply for authorization at the -Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs (LARA), Corporations Division, at 517-241-6470, or visit for additional information. 

Monthly RUP sales reporting

Restricted use pesticide sales must be reported to MDARD each month. Records should be provided no later than the fifteenth of the month following the month of the sale. 

Note: It is the dealer's responsibility to ensure sales are made only to certified pesticide applicators. 

Restricted Use Pesticide Sales Register

Restricted Use Pesticide Sales Register Instruction

Renewing RUP dealer license

Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer Licenses expire on December 31 and must be renewed annually. A renewal application will be mailed to all licensed firms each fall. 

  • Complete the renewal application send to you. MDARD requests you use the renewal application sent to you in the mail because it will contain your license number, company name, and address as previously submitted to MDARD. 
    • If any information has changed since the previous license, indicating the changes on this form will help us update our records. Changes can be made directly on the application by crossing out the incorrect information and writing in the corrected information. 
    • If the business is a Michigan corporation (including limited liability corporation), fill in your current incorporation ID# in the corporate/assumed name ID# box. 
  • Enclose the $100 application fee by check of money order payable to the State of Michigan. Licensees who have not received their application by December 15 should immediately contact MDARD at 989-239-0229 or send an email to
  • The Person in Charge must sign the renewal application. If the Person in Charge has left the licensed sales location, a new owner or manager must stake the RUP dealer exam before the firm can be licensed. A person who has previously taken and passed the dealer examination is not required to take the exam again. Contact Stephanie Baughan at 517-284-5749 to verify status. 

Note: You must submit sales registers before your renewal license can be issued. You may not include the missing sales registers with the renewal application.      

Changing the company ownership, name, or address

Please contract MDARD at 989-239-0229 or email Tom Lawrence at regarding changes to the company name, address, or a change of ownership. Depending on the circumstances, a new license may be required before the company may continue to sell, offer for the sale, or otherwise distribute RUP products. 

Legal authority

Act 451 of 1994, Part 83, Pesticide Control

The statute regulating pesticide product including their use, the people that apply them, licensing requirements, and penalties. 

Regulation 633, Restricted Use Pesticides 

Rules regulating pesticides classified as "Restricted Use" federally and by the State of Michigan, their distribution, sale, and use.