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Water Monitoring Program

The Water Monitoring Program is funded in part with United States Environmental Protection Act (USEPA) dollars and samples private drinking water wells across the state for general chemistry, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds. Monitoring is also carried out to help the MDARD and cooperators develop and share information on risks posed by various pesticide and nitrogen fertilizer use practices.

The program provides data on nitrate and pesticide concentrations to well users, investigates the nature and extent of pesticide contamination at contaminated sites, coordinates information on potential health impacts from the use of contaminated water supplies, and provides alternate water supplies, including well replacement for private well owners with pesticide levels above public drinking water standards. Program monitoring data has allowed the Program to identify several factors in Michigan associated with nitrate contamination and to alert residents using contaminated water of possible risks.

The Program supports Generic Pesticide State Management Plans required by the USEPA by providing data on pesticide contamination in private drinking water wells. This helps to retain pesticide product registrations where pesticides can be used without negative impacts on groundwater.

2020 Water Monitoring Annual Report