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Retail Motor Fuel Outlet License

For more information regarding Motor Fuel, call us at 517-655-8202.

Information for Motor Fuel Retailers and Distributors regarding licensing and compliance with Michigan Motor Fuels Quality Act, PA44 of 1984 and associated regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a license?

Anyone who is offering motor fuels for retail sale to the public. This may include some bulk storage facilities if they deliver non-contract sales of a motor fuel to a bulk end user. Call the department's Central Licensing Unit at 517 284-5771 and ask for the licensing section if you are uncertain of your status.

What time frame does the license cover?

The license is valid from the time of issuance to November 30 of each year.

What is the fee for licensure?

There is no fee for a Retail Motor Fuels License.

How do I apply for a license?

Complete the paper application or online application in its entirety, remembering to include the name, home address and birthdate for the owner or president of the business. The license application must be signed and dated and the title of the person signing must be on the form. Your license may be denied if it is incomplete.

If I have sent in an application, when can I begin selling motor fuels?

You must obtain and post the license prior to engaging in retail motor fuels sales. Licensing processing takes 60-120 days. If you need a license immediately call the department's Central Licensing Unit at 517 284-5771 to obtain your license.

If I sell my business can the new owner operate under my license until theirs is received?

No. The license can not be transferred from one owner to the next.

What if I'm a new owner who wants to start sales of motor fuels right away?

You can contact the department's Central Licensing Unit at 517 284-5771 to receive instructions on how to obtain a license to conduct business.

What if I've applied for a license in anticipation of ownership change but the change never occurred?

You must submit a letter advising the department that the change never occurred so that your name can be removed from the record as the responsible party. If a license was issued you must return the license with your letter.

If I move my business to a new location can I move the license with me?

No. The license is valid for the address it is issued to only. You must obtain a license for each retail outlet you operate.

When does my license expire?

November 30th of each year. You must submit a renewal application by September 1st of each year. Failure to submit a renewal application on time may result in a fine. If you do not receive a renewal application by September 1st call 517 284-5771 to request one.

Are there any penalties if I'm late applying for a license?

Conducting retail motor fuel sales without a license in your possession may result in a fine. The fines are progressive in nature and start at $100.00 with repeat offenses receiving higher fines. Your distributor who delivers the fuel may also receive a fine.

If I have any outstanding fines can I still renew my license?

No. By law, you must first pay the fine to receive the license, even if your firm has appealed the fine. If your appeal is successful your fine payment will be refunded.

What should I do if there are changes in company ownership, name, or address?

If the changes you make result in the issuance of different federal employee I.D. number this is considered a change in ownership and you must apply in advance of the change to avoid a fine. Change in corporate officers does not require a new license however any changes in the information previously provided should be noted in a letter to the department so the file can be updated.

What if I receive a renewal application for a business I have already closed?

Make a notation on the renewal application that the business is closed. Sign and date the application and send it in so that your name is removed from our records. If you sold the business and the business location remains open please fill in that information in on the form, sign and date it and mail it.