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Pesticide Application Businesses

Pesticide Application Business License Process

Pesticide Regulations for New Commercial Pesticide Applicator Businesses

Why Obtain a Commercial Pesticide Application Business License
In becoming certified/registered you are eligible to apply pesticides as part of your employment. However, your certification/registration does not allow you to legally operate a business where you apply pesticides for hire. In addition to pesticide applicator credentials, a pesticide application business license is also required to apply pesticides for hire.

Michigan Pesticide Application Business License Details & FAQ
This webpage sets forth some of the requirements of the Natural Resources & Environmental Protection Act (Act No. 451, Part 83) and Regulation No. 636, (Pesticide Applicator's), promulgated for its administration, as they pertain to a Michigan Pesticide Application Business License.

Guidance for Registering Your Company Name When Applying for a Pesticide Application Business License 

Pesticide Applicator's Business License Application Form (PI-079)

Checklist for Submitting Your Pesticide Applicator's Business License (PABL) Application Form
A list of items and procedures required to successfully complete a new PABL application submission.

Pesticide Terms & Definitions

Pesticide Application Business Subcontracting Policy
Firms without a PABL license that want to subcontract pesticide application services to a license firm must follow the MDARD subcontracting policy found here.

Pesticide Application Businesses Currently Licensed to do Business in Michigan 

Cannabis and Pesticide Use

Pesticide Application Renewal Process

2023 Renewal Memo

2023 Renewal Instructions 

2023 PABL Renewal Checklist for a Blank Renewal

PABL Application Business License Renewal Instructions for a Blank Renewal
To ensure continuity of your Pesticide Application Business License, the renewal application must be submitted to MDARD by December 31 when the current license expires.

PABL Blank Renewal Application (PI-079c)

Notarized Statement of Experience