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Pet Shops

The MDARD Animal Industry Division investigates reportable diseases and the importation of animals to a pet shop, but is not currently licensing pet shops. To report a reportable disease at a pet shop or a case of improper importation, please call MDARD at 1-800-292-3939.  If you have concerns related to the general care of animals at a pet shop it is advised to contact the local law enforcement in the area where the pet shop is located.

For pet shops who import animals from out-of-state, importation requirements for specific animals can be found on MDARD's animal movement pages.

Pet Shops and the Pet Shop Law - Public Act 287

Michigan pet shops selling mammals that are not livestock or rodents are required to comply with Public Act 287. 

*NEW* Public Act 287 was recently updated and changes were made to the importation and sale requirements for dogs and cats going to pet shops. Additionally the pet health certificate, which is required to be given to a customer by a Michigan pet shop when a dog, cat or ferret is purchased has been updated.

The certificate is required to be issued by a licensed veterinarian and is valid for 30 days from the date the animal was examined. More information can be found in the Pet Health Certificate Instructions.

Pet Health Certificate (revised 2019)

Public Act 287 Resources

Pet Shops, Dog Pounds and Animal Shelters: Public Act 287 of 1969, as amended:
The primary law pertaining to pet shops.

An Overview of Rules Governing Pet Shops, Animal Shelters and Dog Pounds 
This sheet summarizes requirements of Public Act 287 of 1969 and Regulation 151.

Additional Regulations and Resources

There are additional laws and regulations that apply to anyone who sells animals, as related to the species below:

Turtles and Other Aquatic Animals

NEW: As of March 21, 2019, State law requires a registration from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to sell or offer for sale aquatic plants and animals, including crayfish, fish, snails and mussels, turtles, and amphibians. For more information: MDNR Registration to sell aquatic organisms.

State requirements for the sale of small turtles.
Federal law that covers to whom turtles may be sold, state law covers specifics about the sale. 

Turtle Sale Requirements Handout
By law, this sheet must be distributed whenever turtle eggs or live turtles smaller than four inches in shell length are sold in Michigan.

Pet Turtles: A Source of Germs 
This website explains the potential germs associated with owning a pet turtle.


State law that legalizes and controls the sale and breeding of ferrets. 

Ferret Health Advisory Sheet 
By law, must accompany every ferret sold or transferred in the State of Michigan.

Chicks, rabbits, ducklings and other fowl or game

State law prohibiting the sale of dyed chicks, rabbits, ducklings, etc.

Large Carnivores

Law regulating the ownership, possession and care of certain large carnivores.
Law regulating the ownership, possession, and care of certain wolf-dog crosses.

Resources for other animals

Rabies and Animal (Mammal) Bite Protocol Sheet
Breaks down the proper procedures for potential and positive rabies situations.

NASPHV Rabies Compendium
Requirements for rabies control from the National Association of Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV).

Chlamydiosis (psittacosis) in Pet Birds Handout
Explains chlamydiosis, a respiratory disease of birds that also can affect people.

Chlamydiosis (psittacosis) information from NASPHV
Information on preventing and controlling psittacosis.

Salmonella in Reptiles Fact Sheet
Explains salmonella and how it effects reptiles and humans.

Proper Disposal of Animal Carcasses Brochure
Summarizes state requirements for disposal of dead animals.


Pet shops, like all animal owners and caretakers, are also required to provide adequate care. Adequate care includes providing an animal with adequate food, water, sanitation, housing, exercise and veterinary care to keep the animal in a good state of health. For more information, see the Michigan Penal Code.