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Site Selection

To establish a new livestock farm operation or expand an existing facility is a complex process. Water quality protection, odor control, existing land use and ownership constraints, and future land use or development patterns, are all considered in this process. Also included are facilitating feasibility and cost efficiency for the operator, maintaining esthetic character minimizing conflicts with adjacent land users, and complying with all applicable state and federal laws and local regulations. Through careful planning livestock farmers can increase productivity while developing or continuing good relationships with their surrounding community.

Current MDARD Site Suitability Determinations

Farm Business Name Facility Description County Township Proposed Location Site Suitability Issued Appeal Received Appeal Closes Appeal Result Construction Approval Final Approval
Reuben Miller Finishing Hog Branch Quincy Twp 810 Newton Rd Coldwater, MI 6/15/2023 none 7/15/2023 n/a 8/11/2023 n/a
Barton Farm Finishing Hog Calhoun Eckford Twp 6750 23 1/2 Mile Rd, Homer, MI 6/6/2023 none 7/6/2023 n/a 9/5/2023 1/29/2024

Silver Creek Poultry

Poultry broiler/layer Cass Silver Creek Tw 51501 Bakeman Rd, Dowagiac, MI 5/8/2023 6/18/2023 6/18/2023

Site suitability affirmed 08/25/2023

Silver Creek Decision

9/15/2023 n/a
Dave Eaton Poultry layer St Joseph Sherman Twp 23268 Airline Rd, Sturgis, MI 9/15/2023 none 10/18/2023 n/a 5/24/2024 n/a
Rathmourne Dairy Dairy Hillsdale Wright Twp 11774 S Meridian Rd Waldron, MI 9/21/2023 none 10/21/2023 n/a x n/a
Norman Yoder Poultry Layer St. Joseph Co Colon Twp 30391 Wager Rd
Burr Oak, MI
11/16/2023 none 12/16/2023 n/a x n/a
Jonathon Yoder Poultry Layer St. Joseph Co Burr Oak Twp 66405 Big Hill Road, Burr Oak, MI 1/2/2024 1/31/2024 2/2/2024

Suite suitability affirmed 03/27/2024

Yoder Decision

DeYoung Hog Finishing Hog Allegan Co Gun Plain 265 110th Ave,
Plainwell MI
3/15/2024 none 4/15/2024 n/a 5/24/2024
Garlomar Dairy Expanding Dairy Missaukee Co Aetna Twp 2360 S. 8 Mile Rd, Falmouth, MI 07/08/2024 none 08/08/2024 n/a

2024 Site Selection GAAMPs (PDF)

Livestock Site Selection Application

MI OFFSET 2018 Centroid Worksheet

MSU Enviroweather MI OFFSET Tool


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