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Programs under the Private Forestlands Initiative, including the Forestry Assistance Program, Qualified Forester Registration, and Qualified Forest Program.

Michigan Qualified Forest Program (QFP)
The Qualified Forest Program encourages landowners to actively manage their privately owned forests for commercial harvest, wildlife habitat enhancement, and improvement of other non-forest resources. In exchange for managing their forests in a sustainable fashion, the landowner will receive an exemption from the local school operating millage.

Is your forest working for you?

Qualified Forester Registration
Foresters who are registered as Qualified Foresters are eligible to write forest management plans for landowners interested in being enrolled in the Qualified Forest Program (QFP). Qualified Foresters can enter here to find helpful materials regarding QFP. Foresters interested in obtaining Qualified Forester Registration (QFR) should click here.

Qualified Forester Registration Form

Qualified Forester Registration Form Instructions

Forest Management Plan Checklist

Forestry Assistance Program (FAP)
The Michigan Forestry Assistance Program provides technical assistance to private forestland owners. Conservation district foresters work one-on-one with private forestland owners and private sector foresters to promote sustainable management of the private forest resource. Conservation districts provide promotion and outreach to private forestland owners in their service area by conducting workshops, hosting field days, and writing articles for local publications. The conservation district foresters provide site visits, referrals for silvicultural practices, and provide assistance with QFP applications. Landowners will find materials here regarding FAP and find resource professionals that service their county.

2022 Forestry Assistance Program Annual Report