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Horticulture Fund Grant


The Michigan Legislature created the Horticulture Fund within the state treasury on October 31, 2003, through a revision to The Insect Pests and Plant Diseases Act, Act 189 of 1931, as revised. Up to $70,000 of funds will be generated each year through increases in nursery license fees. For FY’24 there will be approximately $60,000 to be awarded. The fund was created with the following mission: “to provide for research projects, to develop and improve training programs, and to develop outreach materials for the purposes of safeguarding plants and plant products from unwanted plant pests.”

This is a competitive grant program. Horticulture Fund grants will be awarded up to a maximum annual amount of $20,000 per approved proposal.

2024 Grant Cycle

FY 2024 Horticulture Fund Grant Guidelines and Application

Grant Proposals Due November 22, 2023
Notification of Awards Week of May 1, 2024
Project Initiation Date June 1, 2024
Termination Date June 30, 2025

For more information about this grant opportunity, please contact Andria McCubbin, Pesticide and Plant Pest Management, 517-599-5748.