Senior Volunteer of the Year - Sarah "Sally" Fallon

Sarah “Sally” Fallon’s commitment to her community is unwavering and leaves everyone she touches inspired by the knowledge, grace, motivation and care in which she goes about nurturing her community. At 91 years old, she has helped shape Hillsdale into what it is today through volunteering with numerous organizations, including the American Association of University Women, Domestic Harmony Shelter for Battered Women, Hillsdale Garden Club, Mrs. Stock’s Park Committee, City of Hillsdale Cemetery Board, First Presbyterian Church, the Hillsdale Women’s Club and Salvation Army. Sally has also helped raised funds for many projects, resulting in thousands of dollars in donations to help her community. In particular, she has raised the funds necessary for the community park to construct a pavilion and fencing and helped put together a summer concert series. Her passion, though, is with supporting the Hillsdale County Historical Society, where she ensures the community’s history is a prevalent part of community life. She leads historical walks, coordinates various events, and makes numerous presentations to engage community members in the historical story of the town. “Sally Fallon not only has given of her time and talents for many decades, but has done so with contagious enthusiasm and dedication that inspires all that know her,” said State Rep. Eric Leutheuser.