Corporate Community Leader -  Sachse Construction

Sachse Construction is a proud 27-year-old Detroit-based company that has served a critical role in the city's revitalization by rebuilding and restoring a collection of Detroit's downtown historic spaces. The company believes in giving back to the community and has done this by hosting an annual Play It Forward golf outing to support local nonprofits in the Detroit area that focus on youth development. Charities supported include Detroit's Youth Boxing Gym, Wayne State University's Math Corps program and Kids Without Cancer. In addition, Sachse has taken a critical step in helping solve the skilled trades gap in Detroit through hosting an annual Construction Academy event. This event aims to expose more than 500 Metro Detroit high school students to the skilled trades as a viable and lucrative career path. This event serves as a day of hands-on learning for 500 students from 12 high schools throughout Metro Detroit. Sachse Construction recruited 35 Michigan skilled trades companies to volunteer at the event, resulting in 40 skilled trades demonstrations. In addition, 12 unions, vocational schools and community colleges were represented at the event to provide resources and connections and answer questions about pursuing a career in the skilled trades. A total of 180 volunteers serve 1,000 hours.