Hauler/Sampler/In-Line Sampler Details & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a license? 

Anyone who picks up bulk milk at a dairy farm needs to be licensed. Also, anyone who samples their own milk or samples milk on behalf of a dairy producer is likewise required to be licensed. 

How do I complete the continued education training that is required once every licensing period?

A hauler/sampler must complete PMO required training at least once every 2-year licensing period. This training can be completed one of two ways:

  1. Attend an in-person training meeting. These meetings are usually held in the spring and fall at various locations around the state. Invitation letters are mailed to the hauler/sampler’s address about 4-6 weeks before meetings take place.
  2. Complete the required training online. Just email MDARD-Haulers-Tankers@Michigan.gov and a member of the dairy staff will send you detailed instructions on how to sign-up and complete the training.

What fees are required? How long is the license good for? Is it pro-rated? 

There is a $50 fee for a 2 year license, due on even years. This license is pro-rated to be reduced by $25 per year.

How do I apply for a license?

An individual should apply for a license by calling us.

Are there any special requirements to obtain a license? 

Yes. Both a written and practical exam are required to obtain this license. An inspection is also required. Study the Bulk Milk Hauler Training Manual and practice exam (DY-360).

Who do I contact for an inspection and to take the exam? 

An individual who is interested in being licensed as a hauler/sampler or in-line sampler should contact the Lansing office at 800-292-3939.

Procedures for Certified Samplers/Bulk Milk Haulers in accordance with the
Grade "A" Milk Law of 2001

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There are several steps to becoming a licensed certified sampler/bulk milk hauler:

  • Study training manual DY-360.
  • Contact the Lansing Office at 800-292-3939 to set up an appointment to take the exam (written and practical).
  • A license costs $50 and is good for two years, expiring June 30th of even years (license is prorated).
  • If operating a self-owned truck, a milk transportation company license is required which entails a $20 fee and completion of form DY-305 (front and back).
  • For further information, take a look at DY-356 (front) and  DY-356 (back). These may or may not apply to your specific situation.
  • Requests for additional information can be made by email to MDA-DairyInfo@Michigan.gov

Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance of 2017

Appendix B - Milk Sampling, Hauling and Transportation

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