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Pet Food and Treats

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Pet Food and Treats

Pet Food and Treats

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) oversees and issues licensing for all animal food and treat products sold within the state. Anyone who makes animal feed, pet food food or treats must follow all state and federal rules that apply to the product. 

Making pet food and treats

Can hemp be added to pet food or treats?
Animal food, pet food, or animal treats with hemp as an ingredient cannot be sold. Learn more about hemp in animal feed (PDF).

What makes pet food and treats organic?
"Organic" is a labeling term on an agricultural product produced in accordance with the Organic Foods Production Act and the National Organic Program regulations. Visit to learn more about National Organic Program regulations. 

Starting a pet food and/or treat business

What's the difference between pet treats and pet food?
Treats and snack marketed for pets are considered "food" but are not required to be complete and balanced like food. Treats require a guaranteed analysis, however, they are not intended to be nutritionally complete and therefore do not need to meet all nutritional requirements for the species for which they are intended. 

Do I need to be licensed to sell pet food or treats?
Yes. A license is required to sell pet food or treats. Learn more about how to get licensed

What label requirements need to be met for selling pet food or treats?
Properly labeling your pet food and/or treats is an important part of your business. Your pet food label should:

  • Allow consumers to choose products that meet their needs.
  • Contain the necessary information to determine if the product will meet the animals' nutritional needs.
  • Tell buyers how to use the product properly for the best results.

See MDARD’s complete list of labeling requirements for additional information.

Are pet treats included under the Cottage Food Law?
No. The Cottage Food Law only applies to human food.

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