Large Scale Dog Breeding Kennel Registration

Expires:    Annually on December 31

Fee:          $500 per registration annually


A large-scale dog breeding kennel must provide a valid pet health certificate with any dog that is sold, exchanged, transferred or delivered. Additionally, a large-scale dog breeding kennel cannot sell, exchange

Phone:      Large-scale Dog Breeding Kennel Program 800-292-3939

Forms:      Large Scale Dog Breeding Kennel Application


Who needs a large-scale dog breeding kennel registration with MDARD?

Facilities that house more than 15 intact female dogs that have whelped before.

If you do not know if you qualify, review our registration FAQ.

There may be additional local kennel requirements. Contact your local township, city and county officials.


What are the large-scale dog breeding kennel facility requirements?

Regulation 151 contains animal care, facility, personnel and record-keeping requirements for operating a large-scale dog breeding kennel.

For additional information or questions, contact MDARD at 517-284-5769 or


How do I apply for a registration?

Complete the Large-Scale Dog Breeding Kennel Registration Application and mail to MDARD: P.O. Box 30776, Lansing, MI 48909-8276. 

Once the complete application is received, MDARD will contact you to initiate an inspection.


Why do these facilities have to become registered?

Public Act 287 was recently updated and a new state regulatory program was created for large-scale dog breeding kennels.

These updates to the law include requirements for importation, pet health certificates and record-keeping.


What are the importation requirements for large-scale dog breeding kennel?

Large-scale dog breeding kennels that import dogs from other states must meet the importation requirements found on MDARD’s animal movement pages.


What is a pet health certificate?

A pet health certificate is a form, provided online by MDARD, which must be filled out and issued by a Michigan licensed veterinarian. This certificate is valid for 30 days from the date the animal was examined. More information can be found in the Pet Health Certificate Instructions, or transfer a dog that is less than eight weeks old.


How are complaints made about large-scale dog breeding kennels?

If you have concerns about the conditions of a registered large-scale dog breeding kennel or a pet health certificate issued by a large-scale dog breeding kennel, you may file an online complaint with MDARD. Please include the name and location of the facility, the time and date you were at the facility, and specific dog information.

If you have an animal welfare complaint involving a kennel not registered by MDARD, you must contact the local animal law enforcement agency (animal control, sheriff, police) where the facility is located.


Additional Regulations and Resources:

Dog Law of 1919: Public Act 339 of 1919

Provides for the licensing of dogs and local dog kennels, empowers local ordinances, and provides for local animal control.

Regulation 129: Governing Dog Kennels

Provides minimum kennel requirements for kennels licensed and inspected by local units of government per the Dog Law. Large-scale dog breeding kennels are not exempted in Act 287 from these local requirements.

Michigan Penal Code

Provides minimum standard of care for animals, defines animal neglect, defines animal cruelty, and provides penalties.