Retail Motor Fuel Outlet Information

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  • Information for Motor Fuel Retailers and Distributors regarding licensing and compliance with Michigan Motor Fuels Quality Act, PA44 of 1984 and associated regulations
  • Application for Motor Fuel Retail Outlet License PDF icon
  • Retail Motor Fuels Licensing Details & FAQ

    Before a person or business transfers, sells, dispenses or offers for sale motor fuel in the state of Michigan, they must obtain a license from the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

  • Request for Replacement License PDF icon
  • Gasoline Quality: Retailer Risk Assessment Information

    The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development receives over 1,000 complaints against retail motor fuel stations every year. Poor quality motor fuel is one of the significant causes for consumer complaints. Selling substandard motor fuel will make your station liable for substantial fines and/or prosecution under Michigan law. Investigations have shown that several factors that contribute to poor quality motor fuel were within the control of the station operator had they known what to look for. The Department has compiled this list of the more common factors to assist station owners in achieving and maintaining compliance with the Motor Fuels Quality standards.

  • SE Michigan Summer Time Gasoline in effect June 1

    With the long awaited return of our Michigan summer comes the extra measures required to monitor ozone and reduce harmful smog levels in Southeast Michigan. The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) is charged with enforcing ozone protection measures in accordance with Michigan's Motor Fuel Quality Act.

  • Attention all motor fuel wholesalers, common carriers and tanker drivers in Michigan

    Section 5(6) of the motor fuels quality act P.A. 44 of 1984 was amended effective July 7, 2006. The amendment makes it clear that the distributor or refiner is the responsible party in ensuring a retailer has a valid retail motor fuel license issued by the department prior to their engaging in a business transaction with them.

  • Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development Gasoline Volatility Information PDF iconGasoline is composed of a variety of ingredients that evaporate at different temperatures. The faster vaporizing components evaporate at lower temperatures then the slower vaporizing components. Michigan has established standards for gasoline volatility.
  • Ethanol Blend Retail Guidance

    Provides recommended practices for stations selling ethanol blends to engage in to avoid phase separation

  • The Differences in Gasoline

    Sometimes the choices at the pump can be confusing, especially when terms change from station to station. If you want to understand the important differences between these gasoline choices, read on.

  • PA 44 of 1984, as amended, the Motor Fuels Quality Act and applicable regulations

    Access PA 44 of 1984, as amended, the Motor Fuels Quality Act and Regulation 561 (Dispensing Facility Vapor Pressure), Regulation 562 (Labeling of Retail Motor Fuel Dispensers, Storage Tanks, and Delivery Vessels), Regulation 563 (Retail Gasoline Dealer Licensing), and Regulation 564 (Automotive Motor Fuel Purity, Additives, and grading).