MDARD's Role, Mission, Vision, Key Goals, and Scorecards

MichiganOur Role

When the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) was created in 1921, its primary responsibility was to implement laws pertaining to the production, handling and distribution of agricultural products. The department was given the mandate to promote agricultural interests in Michigan and foster direct trading or marketing between producers and consumers.

Although some things have remained constant, the 21st century has brought considerable new challenges and opportunities for MDARD. The department's job has become larger and more complex, and the technology more advanced. Today, MDARD operates according to much larger goals. In its dual role of regulator and marketer, the department provides Michigan citizens with quality services and information by working cooperatively with many state, federal and local agencies and other organizations including universities, colleges and associations.

Our Mission

Assure the food safety, agricultural, environmental, and economic interests of the people of the State of Michigan are met through service, partnership, and collaboration.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a national leader among state departments of agriculture through our expertise, effectiveness, application of sound science and delivery of quality service to our stakeholders.

Our Key Goals

All MDARD programs and activities are tied to at least one of our 4 Key Goals.

  1. Food Safety, Human & Animal Health
  2. Environmental Sustainability
  3. Economic Development
  4. Efficient Effective Government

Each of these Key Goals contains a group of measurable outcomes that define our progress towards success. These are tracked on an aggressive frequency with results displayed for the public to review on our monthly scorecard.

Our Scorecard



Accountability for successful achievement of outcomes is ensured through timely review of the process/output measures that drive all of the day-to-day efforts.

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